Fernando C

current all-time points leader

As of July 1, 2014:
429 Season points

Scoring System

Every game, points are earned following a standard system (described on our Rankings page). These points are tracked by game and by season for every player, though only regularly attending players have them displayed here on the site. You can go to any player's page and see their statistics down to individual games if you'd like. Lifetime statistics are kept to see everyone's overall total points, as well as how players average over time.

Badges were created to give at-a-glance useless bragging rights, as well as award some painful events such as first-outs and bad beats. Badges are earned per game as well as for each overall season and for non-season events.


Busted Most and Most By

This is a less-than-scientific review of statistical rivalry, to see who you tend to knock out and conversely who tends to knock you out on a regular basis. For some, there may be no clear adversary but for others there is a consistent pattern of knockouts or knocked-outed-bys...

Boba Fett

The Bounty Hunter Bonus

Are you a Bounty Hunter? Do you thrive on knocking out your competition personally? If you've got the right stuff and manage to single-handedly send the rest of the table home encased in Carbonite, you've just earned yourself a coveted Boba Fett badge and 2 extra points in the standings!

About the Player Pages

"Hey, why don't I have a Player Page?" Wrong question. "How do I earn myself a Player Page?" Better question! Seriously though, with over 30 different players having played with us since 2011, it isn't feasible to make everyone a page and then try to maintain it. Even though we keep stats on everyone, it isn't as simple as just entering numbers into a spreadsheet after each game. After careful thought and deliberation, Dærick flipped a coin and arbitrarily came up with the following criteria to determine how to earn a Player Page.

A) You can slip him some cash, or B) You can meet these stringent and challenging qualifications: 1. Have played in a minimum of 4 season games since 2011, so there is some data worth reading. 2. Have played in the current or last season (if you haven't, then you haven't played with us for at least a year). 3. Demonstrate a likelihood to play with us on a somewhat regular basis. Joining the fun once in a blue moon is totally fine and we're happy to have you, but it's more fun to read game stats on people you're likely to face on a regular basis.

Core Members attend an average of 70% of season games on a regular basis, while Members attend an average of 20% of season games. Other players are considered Guests and are welcome to join us as often as they are able.


total Season points: 2011-June 2014


Fernando C

429 points

since 2011


Susan M

366 points

since 2011


Tim L

291 points

since 2011


Mike W

285 points

since 2012


Dærick G

244 points

since 2011


Janeane W

166 points

since 2012


Shelby L

152 points

since 2011


John H

114 points

since 2011


Alec P

94 points

since 2013


Ben P

72 points

since 2011


Alan A

57 points

since 2011


Robert E

18 points

since 2011



1st Place
Shiny Gold Star!

2nd Place
Slightly Tarnished
Silver Star!

3rd Place
Dented Copper Star

4th Place
The Bubble (pop!)
Aw, So Cute That
You Tried...

1st Out
Well, At Least You're
First At Something!

Legendary Hands

7/2 Winner (+1)

You won with that?

Full Houses (+1)

Read 'em and weep...

4 of a Kind (+3)


Straight Flushes (+5)

You know you Rivered it...

Royal Flushes (+25)

Oh godammit...